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Chinese Language - Mandarin and Cantonese Mandarin

Registration Fee: $30.00 one time only

Group Courses: $7.00/hour

Private Courses: $40.00/hour

CHI 101 Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) I

Introduction to the Mandarin Chinese language. Includes basic phonetic system of the Chinese language, basic Chinese grammar structures, reading simple texts, basic Chinese writing and Chinese culture. Also includes a foundation in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness.

CHI 102 Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) II

Prerequisite(s): CHI 101.
Continuation of CHI 101. Includes additional phonetic system of Chinese language, additional selection of grammar structures, additional reading Chinese, additional writing Chinese, and additional Chinese culture. Also includes an additional level of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture awareness.

CHI 201 Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin) I

Prerequisite(s): CHI 102.
Continuation of CHI 102. Includes intermediate selection of grammar structures, oral and aural transactions, political, economic, and social vocabulary in readings and writings, intermediate literary works, and norms, values, and beliefs.

CHI 202 Intermediate Chinese (Mandarin) II

Prerequisite(s): CHI 201.
Continuation of CHI 201. Includes additional intermediate selection of grammar structures, intermediate oral, aural, and written transactions, response to complex topics, additional norms, values, and beliefs, and Chinese history and cultural aspects.

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