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Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF)
French Proficiency Exams

Validation: 1 year

Test d’Evaluation de Français is designed to measure the level of French language of the candidates who are not native French speakers. It is useful if you need to evaluate your French skills for Canadian Immigration, French Universities or for work.

TEF will examin your assesses comprehension and expression skills in French.

It quantitative and qualitative measure of the level of candidate's linguistic and communication skills.

It offers a detailed and personalized analysis of results.

The overall objective of the TEF is to measure the level of the candidates' knowledge, linguistic and communications skills in French. The TEF includes:

TEF is 3 Compulsory Sections
(2 hours 10 minutes)

2 Optional Sections

• Written Comprehension (1 hour)

• Listening Comprehension (about 40 mins)

• Vocabulary and Structures (30 mins) Written Expression (1hour)

• Oral Expression (35 mins per candidate)


Les frais suivants sont liés à chaque composante du test. / The following fees are related to each component of the test.

TEFaQ: Frais d'examen

Compréhension orale / Oral Comprehension: $125.00
Expression Orale / Oral Expression: $125.00
Compréhension écrite / Written Comprehension: $80.00
Expression écrite / Written Expression: $80.00


TEF: Frais d'examen

TEF Obligatoire

Compréhension écrite / Written Comprehension

Compréhension orale / Oral Comprehension

Lexique et structure / Lexicon and Structure

$290.00 CAD

TEF Facultative

Expression écrite / Written Expression

$100.00 CAD

TEF Facultatif Expression Orale / Oral Expression

$140.00 CAD

Formulaire d'inscription / Download our applicaiton form

TEF/TEFaQ and TEF Naturalisation Application Form

Fill out our applicaiton form

Apportez deux photos: 35mm X 45mm (Fond blanc)/ Bring 2 photos of 35X45 mm (Permenant Resident size) with white background.

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