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TEFaQ and TEF Preparation Course

For Immigration and Citizenship

Canada College is an Approved Test Center

Preparation: TEFaQ and TEF Preparation Courses are given in group and on One-to-One basis.

Registration fee: $30.00

Group Course: $7.00/hour

Private Course: $40.00/hour

e-TEFaQ: 이민 및 시민권

Exam is given six times a week from Monday to Saturday. Please contact us for the available exam dates. This is an International reference tool for French language assessment For Emigration.

TEFaQ: (Quebec) - Recognized by Immigration et Communautés culturelles du Québec.

2 mandatory sections
- listening comprehension (60 questions, 40 min)
Oral expression (35 min)
Exam Description:

TEFaQ (Test of French language ability adopted for Quebec) has two required components: the TEF listening comprehension test and the TEF oral expression test. Ministère de l'Immigration et des Communautés culturelles du Québec recommends the TEFaq test for people wishing to emigrate to Quebec. To sit for TEFAQ test, candidates may contact Canada College at any time of the year. For an immediate result candidates should take the e-TEFAQ test.

Exam Fee: $250.00

Fill out our applicaiton form

Bring 2 photos of 35X45 mm (Permenant Resident size) with white background.

TEF/eTEF: Test d’Evaluation du Français. Approved by French Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

3 mandatory sections (score out of 900 points)
- reading comprehension
- listening comprehension
- vocabulary and language structures

Fee: TEF basic fee is $290.00

2 optional sections (score out of 450 points).
Written expression (1 hour). $100.00
Oral expression (35 min). $140.00
(sections open only to candidates having passed the mandatory sections)

TEF/eTEF: Approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a Department of the federal Government of Canada.

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