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Turkish Courses

$8.00/hour | given once a week (3 hours)

TURK 101 Beginning Turkish I (24 hours)

This course is designed to introduce the Turkish language to beginning students, to develop oral and written skills for both comprehension and expression. Language skills to be emphasized include: understanding, reading, writing, and speaking. A complete set of Turkish Alphabets will be introduced.

TURK 102 Beginning Turkish II (24 hours)

This course is a continuation of 101. It is designed to improve different aspects of language and writing skills for the second semester students. Objectives are: to improve students' conversational skills, to provide a variety of readings for written comprehension; to develop a good grammar background; to improve listening skills; to introduce students to some examples of Turkish culture.

TURK 402 Intermediate Turkish II (24 hours)

This is a continuation of Intermediate Turkish I. Emphasis will be placed on grammar knowledge, conversational skills, vocabulary, reading and writing.

TURK 403 Advanced Turkish I (24 hours)

This course aims at solidifying students’ acquired language skills at the intermediate level. Building on this foundation, the course will help students improve all four-language skills: Writing, Speaking, Listening/Comprehension and Reading.