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Nurses and home care providers have been in great demand in Canada as the nursing shortages continue to grow, making this career one of top priority. The government of Canada and of Quebec are trying to get people to enroll into their nursing programs, offering to those interested lots of benefits such as student loans as well as enter the Nurse Development Program.  

The job prospects for 2023 are very good according to the Government of Quebec, in Montreal and all Quebec. There are 71 000 jobs available in all Quebec and 14 000 of them are found in Montreal. 

Therefore, Canada College is offering courses in Health, Assistance and Nursing (1800 hours) and in Institutional and Home care assistance (870 hours).  Note that the two programs are a Diploma in Vocational Studies (DVS), which leads to various job openings after completion of the courses. 

Upon completion of any of the two programs, the student is expected to be a fully trained professional and have all the necessary skills to enter the nursing job market. So, if you are someone social, investigative, artistic and empathetic, this job is for you! 

A little introspective on the job market for 2023: 

  • There are lots of positions available in different sectors such as hospitals, health care or extended care facilities, rehabilitation centers, clinics, medical offices, community organizations, school environments and many more. 
  • Competitive wages: starting at $24 – $45 per hour. 
  • There are multiple work locations: Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba. 
  • The flexible schedules allow the nurses to have a good work-life balance. Most rotations in Quebec are 16 days On and 12 days Off.  

Additionally, here are some benefits you may have by working in the Nursing sector: 

  • Leave benefits. 
  • Good pension plans. 
  • Group, disability and dental insurance. 
  • Employee assistance program. 
  • Quebec Skilled Worker program (QSW) – People coming to Quebec to work in the Nursing sector may benefit from this program as it allows them to come to the province as Canadian permanent residents. 

Hence, Canada College is the institution to attend to be a fully trained professional in Health, Assistance and Nursing as well as Institutional and Homecare assistance. Enroll Now and be the Nursing professional of our future. 

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