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Nutrition is one of the most fundamental things to human beings. It is at the core of one’s well-being and health. It is the nourishment of the body by food. Additionally, one’s diet is expected to be balanced and work according to one’s lifestyle, cultural beliefs, availability and restrictions as for allergies. Also, one should be able to stick to a certain budget for their grocery shopping to optimize their savings. 

Nutrition is made to help you support your health. There are a few basic rules to follow to be able to have a good diet: 

  • The meals should consist of at least the 3 food groups: Food for health (vegetables and fruits), Food for growth (protein /meat – animal or plant based) and food for energy (carbohydrates – I.e- bread, rice, pasta, etc.) 
  • The meals should be done according to the person’s taste, lifestyle and budget. 
  • The ingredients used for the meals should be accessible, so using local products and in season products would make it easier for meal planning. 
  • One should follow food guidelines in order to know the amount of food they should eat according to one’s intake. 
  • The meals should consist of a variety of food ingredients such as nuts and seeds, legumes, vegetables, meats, beans, carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruits, cereals and dairy products to get the daily nutrient, vitamin and fiber intake. 

If you do not know about your required food intake, you could seek advice from a doctor or a nutritionist and make a plan according to health goals. 

There are several things to do to live a healthy life, but it starts with good nutrition as it is the most basic human need. 

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