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Database Administration

Students learn the skills and knowledge necessary to design,
implement, and manage database systems, data modeling,
backup and recovery,and security management.



This program teaches students how to manage, design, and maintain databases, including tasks such as data modeling, installation, configuration, backup and recovery, performance tuning, and security management.

Students learn how to use database management systems and tools to ensure data integrity, availability, and accessibility for businesses, organizations, and institutions. This program includes practical experiences such as internships, lab projects, and case studies.

Program code LEA.CC
Type of diploma Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS)
Program category 400 – Administrative techniques
Units to be completed for the diploma 28.66
Total duration 4 sessions
Total time to complete the diploma 915 hours
Number of internships offered 1
Duration of internship 255 hours

About the program:

  • Full-time
  • Limited capacity
  • Offered at both campuses
  • This program is offered in English and French.
  • Mandatory internship in a company


Program objectives:

Upon completion of the technical component, Database Administration students will gain a thorough understanding of database design and management. They will be able to update a database. They will also be able to provide support to individuals who use a database.


Program Highlights:

Upon graduation, students will be able to write data policies, standards, and database models. They will be able to write and implement data management policies. They will be able to install database administration software. They will be able to create and manage databases. Graduates will be able to evaluate the performance of a database and improve it if necessary.

Once students graduate, they will be able to work in any type of business that needs to manage data.

To learn more about the admission process, please go to the admissions tab for more information.

Content Description:

The Database Administration program consists of 28.66 units in total, spread over three terms. During the course of the program, the student must complete 285 hours of theoretical courses and 630 hours of practical courses, for a total of 915 hours. In order to graduate, the student must complete all of the courses listed below:



List of required courses:


Course Code Course Name Duration (hours)
420-BD2-GC Job Functions of a Database Administrator 45
420-BD3-GC Relational Databases 60
420-BD4-GC SQL Programming 90
420-BD1-GC Information Systems Analysis 60
420-BD5-GC Advanced Database Programming 60
420-GP1-GC IT Project Management 60
420-BD6-GC Database Server Administration 60
420-ST3-GC Technical Support 60
420-BD7-GC Database Platform 90
420-BD8-GC Network Application Installation 75
420-BDA-GC Internship 255
Total 915

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